Anabel Cordina (b.1980) graduated B.Ed (Hons.) in Art from the University of Malta in November 2002. She works as an Activity teacher at the Cospicua and Senglea primary schools. At present she is following an 'Enrichment course' at the School of Art in Valletta, under the supervision of Mr. Anton Grech, an artist and lecturer at the University of Malta.


"My intervention in F'Kull Belt Hemm Kantuniera is inspired by concept Art, a form of Art where the concept or idea becomes the most important aspect of the work. I tackled the theme from different points of view in a minimalistic approach. Through the works exhibited I explored the feeling of deceit and isolation in the 'city', where things are not always as they seem, and more often than not one is consumed by the appearance, the surface of things, whilst not taking the time to inspect the object or situation more closely.


Another aspect which I explored is the choice (or not) of ignoring one's ability to feel or think, alienation...which could also be a means of protecting one self. The pieces will be set up on wooden pedestals, whose form echoes the ones one associates with the idea of a city, thus uniform cubes and cuboids. The works are executed in mixed media."