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Bernard Micallef graduated B.Ed. (Hons.) and MA in Maltese at the University of Malta. He wrote his MA dissertation about existentialism in the poetry of Philip Sciberras, a Maltese modernist poet. At present, he is writing his doctoral dissertation about the interpretation of Maltese modernist poetry.


Bernard Micallef published a collection of short stories bearing the title Il-Hajt ta' Malta u Stejjer Ohra, in 1988. This was followed by a paper entitled "The Writer’s Authentic Expression in Maltese Society of Today," delivered at the Maltese Literary Congress of 1993. Since then, Bernard Micallef has experimented with short stories that question the way we structure reality around us. In 1994 he published a short work about metaphor as a reformulation of reality, followed, in 1995, by the novel Misteri Maghzula mill-Hajja ta' Halliem. In the same year, Micallef published a paper about the interaction between formal aspects and syntactical sense in the lyrical poetry of Oliver Friggieri. This appeared in the Journal of Maltese Studies published by the Faculty of Arts of the University of Malta.

In 1996, Micallef published a critical study of the poetry of Achille Mizzi, one of Malta's leading modern poets. Micallef’s 1998 semiotic analysis of presupposition and inference with regard to the use of proper names and nicknames in the short stories of prominent novelist Frans Sammut, has been circulated and catalogued in the University Library in manuscript form. Another paper, "Significance and Meaning in Achille Mizzi," about the difference between meaning and its pertinent deformations in art, was one of three studies published at the launching of Achille Mizzi’s second book of poetry in 1998. The following year, Bernard Micallef wrote an introductory critical study for Maria Grech Ganado’s publication of poetry.


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