Crossing Places


An ambitious Mediterranean artistic project part-financed by Culture 2000


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Activities in 2007


Inizjamed is one of the co-organizers of an ambitious "Mediterranean" artistic project called "Crossing Places" with partners from Greece, France, Spain and Italy. The project is led by the Italian cultural organization ARCI, with whom Inizjamed has been collaborating for the past 8 years, and funded by the Culture 2000 programme of the EU.


The overall objective of the project is to find an innovative way to “tell the cities “ from different points of view - different arts, cultures, perceptions - through performing arts and the work of different artists coming from different countries.


This project is a follow-up of an initiative carried out by Arci in 2000 - 2001 - financed through the Culture 2000 programme - “In the dark. For those who can’t see art.” The “in the dark” project started from the idea that not being able to see is not a misfortune but can be an asset, in the sense that blindness is a different way of seeing and expressing things and the world. The new initiative "Crossing places”  will focus on the link between people and places, body and space, body and territory, giving voice to unpublished narrations of spaces. "The places" and the “local cultural circuits," the active participation of citizen are the main elements of our proposal and the activities will be developed on these two axis.


The three main artistic areas of the project are music, body expression and literature. A Maltese writer will be leading the international literature workshop which will be held in Malta in summer 2007 and other Maltese artists will be participating in the other areas.


This is the second Culture 2000 one-year project in which Inizjamed is involved: the first was Al Buio. Per chi non vede l'arte." Inizjamed is also actively involved in the three-year Literature Across Frontiers project with partners from all over Europe and led by the Mercator Centre at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth. 



Adrian Grima

11 February 2007

  Crossing Places - Inizjamed in Thessaloniki  

Project coordinator Simone Inguanez, musician Renzo Spiteri and body expression artist Sandra Mifsud were in Thessaloniki for a week in April for the first of a series of meetings, workshops and performances which are part of the Crossing Places one-year project part-funded by the Culture 2000 project of the EU.


The project is led by the Italian cultural organization ARCI, with whom Inizjamed has been collaborating for the past 8 years. Inizjamed is one of four co-organizers: the others are Cultural & Social organization of Stavroupoli IRIS (Greece), TRANSIT - Barcelona (Spain), and Festival Transmediterranee - Grasse (France). The project has now launched its website at A workshop for all artists from the participating countries and inspired mainly by literature will be held in Malta in July and will be led by Inizjamed.


Adrian Grima

15 May 2007


  Crossing Places - Inizjamed in Arezzo, Novembru 2007  

Dancer and choreographer Sandra Mifsud (first, right) and writer Adrian Grima were in Arezzo in November 2007 to represent Malta and Inizjamed in the final act of the Crossing Places international project. Percussionist Renzo Spiteri and writer Simone Inguanez were also involved in the Crossing Places project but could not join the group in Arezzo because of commitments in the US.

In July 2007 Inizjamed coordinated the Valletta SENSI one-week multi-sensorial workshop as part of the Crossing Places artistic project part-funded by the Culture 2000 programme of the EU. The Malta workshop and Arezzo conference and performances included artists, some of whom are visually impaired, from Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Hungary, Poland, and Slovenia. The Maltese artists also took part in events in Thessaloniki and Catania.