Forum for Justice and Cooperation

The Third World Group (TWG), Koperattiva Kummerċ Gust (KKG) and Koperazzjoni Internazzjonali Malta (Kopin) agree to set up the Forum for Justice and Cooperation to work together towards the elimination of poverty and injustice in their various forms.

As full members of the Forum the three member organisations endeavour to:

  1. share physical resources, e.g. premises, hardware etc.;

  2. share expertise and knowledge;

  3. allocate human resources efficiently;

  4. coordinate their programme of activities;

  5. respect each other's autonomy.

The full members of the Forum commit themselves to prioritise the needs of the other Forum members whenever opportunities arise.

The leader and another person of each of the three full members of the Forum meet a minimum of three times a year to realize the aims of the Forum

Other organizations can join the Forum as Full members only if the three Full members agree unanimously. 

The Full Forum members can also accept other organisations as Affiliate members if they agree unanimously. Affiliate members of the Forum seek common paths for cooperation.

Inizjamed is an affiliate member of the Forum for Justice and Cooperation. As from June 2003, the four organizations in the Forum share an office at Rm. 82, Il-Kumpless tal-Pixxina Nazzjonali, Tal-Qroqq, L-Imsida. Telefax: (+356) 2131 5562 and a website

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