Inizjamed - Malta's Ambassador for Intercultural Dialogue



The government of Malta has chosen Inizjamed and the National Orchestra to serve as ambassadors for Intercultural Dialogue for 2008.


The voluntary cultural organization Inizjamed was set up in 1998 to support Maltese writers and other artists who were seeking a language capable of expressing their experiences as human beings, as also their aspirations as artists in a changing world. Inizjamed has to date linked up with writers and other artists in the Mediterranean and in Europe, as also with local and foreign partners, with the help of which, it has supported local artists who were invited to residencies, festivals, conferences, book fairs, readings, and workshops, abroad.

In like manner Inizjamed has brought over to Malta a number of foreign artists to participate in symposia and workshops, and the public presentation of their work. With the help of European volunteers, Inizjamed has also promoted intercultural dialogue in Malta by organizing and supporting workshops, education projects and public events that have brought Maltese artists, activists and the general public into contact with people from other cultures living in Malta. This has been an enriching experience on which Inizjamed continues to build its present and future projects, both as an organization and through the members who are invited to represent it with ever-growing frequency at events in different parts of the world.