Karsten Xuereb
In June 2001, writer Karsten Xuereb won first place in an international writing competition entitled "Writing in the Dark". This competition was part of a major project part-funded by the EU under the Culture 2000 programme called "Al Buio. Per Chi Non Vede l'Arte". 

Karsten Xuereb read for a degree of Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in English at the University of Malta, and obtained a First Class. His dissertation dealt with the concept of film adaptation of novels, and this topic allowed him to combine his studies in the field of English Literature with those regarding film theory and techniques. Therefore, while studying British, American, African and Australian literature, together with linguistics and literary theory, he attended lectures and seminars and sat successfully for tests in the Communications Department, including eight units in Film Studies

Over the past two years he has been actively involved in editing, camera-work, production and presenting live children’s programs at Education 22. He has also produced and presented a series of radio programs, dealing with Mediterranean culture, for the Voice of the Mediterranean.

 Karsten is a member of Inizjamed, an organization that raises awareness regarding educational and social issues, both locally and internationally, often through the use of literature. In 2000 he acted as coordinator of Kitbiet mill-Mediterran, a literary and musical evening which has become one of the main attractions of the Evenings on Campus festival held at University every summer. His role entailed liasing with the local authors and the foreign guests, and organizing and controlling the printing of a collection of the works, liasing with the Koperattiva Kulturali Universitarja and keeping contact with the press. 

Between 2000 and 2001 he produced a 30-minute documentary on the figure of the gull in the life and poetry of Marjanu Vella. Karsten has also been actively involved in a course in narration and writing, called Gżejjer. This has allowed him to develop his writing, and particularly his scriptwriting skills.

Karsten is also Managing Director of a local Theatre Cooperative that was set up in 2001. His role involves coordinating sessions for the group at the Mediterranean Institute for Theatre Programmes, Valletta, contacting and setting up collaborations with other bodies, and dealing with the media. In June-July 2001 he coordinated the theatre festival held within the Valletta Festival organized by YMCA Malta..


Karsten Xuereb


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