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Inizjamed is a co-organizer in the project Literature Across Frontiers supported by the Culture 2007 programme of the EU. Inizjamed was an associate partner in a three-year multlilateral project called Literature Across Frontiers funded by the Culture 2000 programme of the EU. These are the public events and initiatives related to Inizjamed's participation in the Literature Across Frontiers project. See also Transcript – European Internet Review of Books and Writing.


Malta in the Literature Across Frontiers project

  September 2012   Malta Mediterranean Literature Festival 2012  
  September   Malta LAF International Translation Workshop 2012  
  July   Clare Azzopardi at Beirut meeting for Mediterranean literature festivals  
  June   Claudia Gauci at Renshi, poesieberlin and Festival Directors' meeting  
  June   Keith Borg in Literary Translation workshop in Dane, Slovenia  
  January   Adrian Grima in London LAF Mediterranean Coordination meeting  
  September 2011   Malta Mediterranean Literature Festival 2011  
      Malta LAF International Translation Workshop 2011  
      Special Issue of Transcript on contemporary Maltese Literature  
  May 2011   Immanuel Mifsud takes part in Istanbul conference  
  October 2010   Adrian Grima at the Ubud Readers and Writers Festival, Bali  
  September 2010   Malta Mediterranean Literature Festival 2010  
  September   Malta LAF International Translation Workshop 2010  
  April   ĦARBA - Malta Festival of Children's Literature  
  January   Adrian Grima in Istanbul for LAF Mediterranean Coordination meeting  
  September 2009   Malta Mediterranean Literature Festival 2009  
      Malta LAF International Translation Workshop 2009  
      Clare Azzopardi in Prague  
  September 2008   Malta Mediterranean Literature Festival 2008  
  September   Malta LAF International Translation Workshop 2008  
  May   Reading in Egypt - European Literature Today  
  May   Maltese Literature translated into English donated to the Bibliotheca Alexandrina  
      Simone Inguanez in Latvia  
  June   Poeżiji ta' Brane Mozetič (Sloven) tradotti għall-Malti  
  June   "Decolonization and Memory in Algeria" - Adrian Grima  
  May   "Adrian Grima f'Londra u l-Alġiers" - Franica Pulis  

Adrian Grima fl-Alġerija

  May-June   Contemporary Maltese Literature in Translation at the Thessaloniki Book Fair  
  March   Literary Translation Workshop in Algeria  

Transcript 28 Children's Literature - Maltese Children's Literature on Transcript

  2007   Clare Azzopardi in Croatia  
  December   Reportage dal Malta Mediterranean Literature Festival - Valerio Cruciani  
  September   Malta Mediterranean Literature Festival  

Malta LAF International Translation Workshop

  December 2006   Letteratura mill-Ewropa Tradotta għall-Malti  

"A Place in the Mediterranean" - Adrian Grima

  December   Transcript publishes "Jelly Babies" by Clare Azzopardi in English  

Conference on Making Literature Travel – LAF and Ramon Llull Institute,

Barcelona - read "No Means no" - aqra "Dejjem LE" (Clare Azzopardi)




Sealines - Valletta Writer's Residency

  October   Turġien International Literary Festival - 14 Oct., Manoel Theatre Courtyard  



Malta LAF International Translation Workshop 2006




International Literary Encounter - 16 Sept., St. James Cavalier, Theatre




Sealines - Clare Azzopardi in Riga Writer's Residency (Rapport bil-Malti, pdf)




Publication of the Proceedings of the Malta LAF Re-Visions Symposium on

Promoting Literature in Europe (pdf file)

  June   Resolution on the Promotion of Maltese Literature  

Bookworld Prague 2006 - 12th International Book Fair and Literary Festival

  May   Thessaloniki Book Fair 2006  

Sealines meeting - Cúirt International Festival of Literature, Galway Ireland


November 2005


Re-Visions - Literary Exchange in an Enlarged Europe - Symposium


Literature Across Frontiers



Literature Across Frontiers is a programme of literary exchange and policy debate operating through partnership with European organisations engaged in the international promotion of literature and support for literary translation. Its main aim is to promote literatures written in the less widely-used languages of Europe and encourage their translation. It is funded by Culture 2000 for a second three-year period (2005-08).

"Literature in translation is part of a multimillion publishing industry, yet it often cannot exist without subsidy and concentrated promotional effort on the part of non-commercial cultural organisations. Instead of diversity, globalisation has paradoxically brought greater homogeneity to the international book market, and programmes such as Literature Across Frontiers can help counter this trend," says Alexandra Büchler, Director of the LAF programme.


The LAF partner organisations are: Books from Lithuania, Centre for Slovenian Literature, FILI - Finnish Literature Information Centre, Fund for the Promotion of Icelandic Literature, Latvian Literature Centre, NORLA - Norwegian Literature Abroad, Polish Book Institute, Ramon Llull Institute and Welsh Literature Abroad.