STOP the war on Lebanon and Gaza




STOPoverty! STOP the war on Lebanon and Gaza

"The ongoing siege is producing a dire shortage of water, food, medicine, and electricity, and a destruction of civilian infrastructure in Gaza and Lebanon. Israelís utilisation of constant military attacks terrorises the Lebanese and Palestinian populations; in particular children suffer immense physical and psychological health damages, hence a clear violation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, to which Israel is a signatory." Picture shows mass grave in Tyr. [Read the Statement]






Lebanon: Dramatic letters from SHAMS

Beirut, August 7th 2006


"We are fine
Because our mind is not under siege by the brutal force
Because those burned, riddled and shredded bodies are for us the exact reason for expression and solidarity that are worth hoping for
Because each time a murderer discharges his fury, he exhausts the power within himself as soon as he releases it,  whereas his victims' escapes to his cruelty and blends with the universal tragedy of Man, from Hecube to Nesrine Salloum, the one that dilates irrepressibly, fills the void left behind by the warlike stupidity and claims the all mighty assertion that there is something else to do than what is happening."
[Read: We are fine - 8]


Roger Assaf, of the cultural organization Shams in Lebanon continues to send dramatic letters from a terrible war to Inizjamed and other members of the International  association that runs the Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean. [Read: Nous allons bien et vous? - 6]


Alessandro Stillo, secretary general of the international association, has forwarded to Roger the solidarity e-mails received by (BJCEM), along with messages by the President, Ibrahim Spahic and Alessandro himself. "We hope," wrote Alessandro, "that the situation will soon get better." In such a scenario, "the Biennial becomes even more relevant as an event of peace and dialogue between cultures, especially particular the edition of Alexandria," which will be held in 2007.  [Shams relief-coordination]