Marcelle Teuma

 Marcelle Teuma (b. 1966) studied theatre, philosophy and education at the University of Malta. She taught in State primary schools for four years and then started to teach drama in State primary schools, at the Mikelanġ Borg Drama Centre and at Stagecoach Theatre Arts School. She has a diploma in acting from MTADA and a certificate from the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art (London, 1990), and she has taken part in a number of theatre productions, like Ir-Rewwixta tal-Patalott (1997). In May 2001 she directed the play In-Nisa ta’ Trojja (The Women of Troy) that was staged in Malta and Syracuse. 

Marcelle is a member of the central coordinating team of Inizjamed and she has represented Inizjamed at important meetings held in Barcelona and Rome of the Association that runs the Biennial Exhibition of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean. She also lead the group of Maltese artists who represented Inizjamed at the X Biennial that was held in Sarajevo in July 2001.


Marcelle Teuma (Kitbiet mill-Mediterran, Lulju, 2000)


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