Report of the Jury
 “Writing in the Dark”


At a meeting held in Catania on Monday, 11 June, 2001, after having discussed the entries thoroughly, the jury of the literary prize “Writing in the Dark” chose the three winning texts: “Danza nera” by Anna Di Mauro; “One: On Doors and Windows” by Karsten Xuereb; and “La paura del buio” by Roberto Berlingeri. Apart from being remarkable works of literature, these three texts capture the spirit of the “Al Buio” project as a whole in an original and convincing way.

“La paura del buio” by Roberto Berlingeri is a very sensitive and intelligent work written in plain language. In “Danza nera” by Anna Di Mauro there is evidence of exceptional literary skill; the writer was particularly careful to create a narrative rhythm which is both fast and self-evident. “On Pictures” by Karsten Xuereb faces the theme of darkness squarely and brilliantly, and reaches beyond pure narrative in an intuitive and insightful way.

The jury unanimously awards the first prize of one thousand euros each to “Danza Nera” by Anna Di Mauro and “On pictures” by Karsten Xuereb.

 The jury would also like to mention the story “I’d Thought the Flowers Had All Died” by Immanuel Mifsud. Although it does not tie in with the theme of the competition it is a work of undoubted literary value and the jury feels that it should be published together with the winning texts.



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Karsten Xuereb


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