Published in the paper Ha'Aretz, Israel, October 12, 2001
Stop the attack on Afghanistan!

This is no war against terrorism - it is revenge for lost honor and a display of power by the rich and strong against the poor.

The main victims of this bombing will be Afghani citizens who are already suffering under the brutal Taliban regime, especially Afghani women.

War is never a solution, and the war on Afghanistan will not end terrorism. On the contrary - this poor, hungry, devastated, and humiliated people with their millions of refugees will have nothing to lose but their honor, and will fight for this honor with all the means at their disposal, even the tools of terrorism.

Terrorism can be prevented only by ending oppression, hunger, and humiliation.

Instead of killing and destroying those who rise up against them, the rich and sated countries should help build the infrastructure for a decent life and a just sharing of resources.  Food and education are preconditions, though not sufficient, for creating a more democratic and egalitarian society.

This universal principle holds true for Afghanistan, and for the Palestinians as well:  An Israeli-Palestinian peace can be achieved only by ending the occupation and the oppression.


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