Inizjamed Propose EU Project on Traditional Music

One of the most recent Contact Making Seminars organised by the Youth Program for the European Union was held by the Po river, close by the northern Italian town of Ferrara. These types of seminars allow various non-governmental organisations and youth-oriented groups to get together and become more acquainted with the infinite possibilities that lie in collaborating with various associations spread around Europe.

Inizjamed was once again invited to take part at such a catalytic event, and through one of its dynamic members, Karsten Xuereb, established quite a few strong contacts with other groups that have social and cultural matters at heart. Like Inizjamed, these potential new partners from countries as diverse as Romania, Germany and Northern Ireland, are interested in discovering what lies within their own culture, and making it all the richer by comparing it and exchanging its wealth with treasures from other countries.

One of the main purposes of the seminar, however, was not just to make the various groups aware of each others’ existence, but to actually provide a platform where these organisations could pool resources, exchange ideas, and work together on original projects. A number of very challenging projects were formed, ranging from social inclusion exercises to heritage awareness programs for children.

Inizjamed’s participation bore fruit in a project that will span across Romania, Hungary, the Mediterranean and the UK in search of traditional folk music and dance, which aims at concluding its first cycle with a folk music workshop and festival to be held in Romania next summer. But that will only be the first step – a whole dance is to follow!

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