the urge to vengeance  

a statement by Women in Black  an International Network of Women 

opposed to War and Militarism  

In the aftermath of the terrible attack on New York and Washington on September 11, we urgently call on all those with responsibility and authority, in our national governments and international institutions, to step back from war.

Our hearts go out to those people who have lost family and friends, and our deep sympathy to those injured. Those who perpetrated the violence must be brought to justice under international law.

But we strongly believe the urge to vengeance must be resisted. A war waged by the US and its allies will cause the death of many innocent people, will de-stabilize many governments and societies, and its longterm effects on relations between countries and regions of the world will be disastrous.

Terrorism cannot be defeated by such means. We have to ask why so many people around the world have felt mixed feelings in response to the suffering of the USA. While poverty and hunger, injustice and exploitation, are experienced by so many, and the policies of the rich countries are seen as contributing to them, genuine despair will sometimes turn to desperation, and will fuel terrorism.

We urge all political and military authorities, national and international, to turn away from strategies of war and combine their efforts in seeking strategies for an inclusive, just and equal global society. Without that, we will never see peace.


Signed by

Women in Black in London and United Kingdom
Women in Black, Edinburgh, Scotland
WLUML, Women living under the Muslim Law, France
Women in Black, New York
Women In Black, Mendocino, California
Women in Black, San Francisco, California
Women for peace Switzerland and the group from Basle, Switzerland
Grupos de Mujeres, Zaragoza, Spain
Peace Group, Denmark
Inizjamed (Mediterranean Cultural Initiative) Malta
Women in Black, Toronto, Canada
Mujeres de Negro, Seville, Spain
Mujeres de Negro, Madrid, Spain
Women in Black, Denmark
Donne in Nero, Bologna, Italy
Sabrang Communication, Mumbai, India
Convenzione di Donne contro le Guerre, Italy
Giardino dei Ciliegi, Firenze, Italy
Centro Donna di Grosseto,
UDI, Rete per la Pace, Italy
Donne in Nero di Firenze, Italy
Donne in Nero di Roma, Italy
Zene U Crnom - Women in Black, Belgrado, RFYugoslavia
Women in Black, Israel
Coalition of Women for Just Peace, Israel
Mujeres de Negro, Valencia, Spain
Women in Black, Portland, Oregon

Women In Black, Lancaster, PA USA
Frauen in Scharwz - Women in Black, Wien, Austria
Dones per Dones - Women to Women, Barcelona, Spain
Donne in Nero - women in Black, Padova, Italy
Donne in Nero di Verona, Italy
Zene Zenama Women to Women Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina

September 27, 2001